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Making the Most of Bad Times: Helping Your Customers and Yourself Through the Recession


A Wiki to support and build off of the SJRLC Workshop "Making the Most..." that took place at Gloucester County Library on March 3, 2009. 


Presentations and related links:

  • Karen Hyman: Making the Most of Bad Times
  • Brett Bonfield: Fundraising
  • Peter Bromberg: Getting the Word Out



Brainstorming Activity: What Could Libraries Be Doing in the Following Areas: (please add your ideas!)

  1. Improve Hospitatlity / Reduce Stress
  2. Develop/Reposition/Group Existing Services
  3. Get the Word Out
  4. Help with Job Hunting / Career Change
  5. Develop a Rapid Response Team
  6. Develop Fun and Free Services/Programs Weblocal


Readers Advisory Pilot Project

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